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Jump onto our Facebook Group to be a part of an ongoing conversation about GC Kids! It is a great place to share pics of your kids experiencing their God and encourage other parents and kids with resources you have come across!

Below are some extra resources to help our kids on their journey with God.
Bible Project – Helping people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus

Illustrated Ministry – Free, weekly, faith resources for all ages

Life Church – Complete plug-and-play videos for ages two through 6th grade ready for you each week

GC Kids Term 4 Week 9 – LAST WEEK OF 2020!

Hey Kids! What an incredible year we have had – full of highs and lows and crazy in-betweens. We are so thankful that you have joined us on this journey of learning more about Jesus and having fun doing it! From the GC Kids Team – We wish you a Merry Christmas! See you in 2021 🙂

GC Kids Term 4 Week 8

Enjoy this “new” exciting episode of GC Kids Online! It will feel a little bit like a throw back this week 🙂

GC Kids Online – Term 4 Week 7

Hey Kids! Welcome to another exciting episode of GC Kids Online – this week we are learning all about BEING GRATEFUL! Enjoy 🙂

GC Kids Online Term 4 – Week 6

Hi Kids! Welcome to another episode of GC Kids online! Have you ever made a mistake before? It doesn’t feel good does it.. Well, this week we are going to see how we can LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES 🙂

GC Kids Online Term 4 – Week 3

Hi Kids! Welcome to another exciting episode of GC Kids Online! Do you struggle making hard decisions? Well this week, we’re going to learn all about asking Gods for wisdom in tough times 🙂