COVID19 Updates

No Sunday Services Accouncement


There will be no Sunday services in any of our locations on Sunday 22nd March

There will be live streaming available for everyone. See below details to access the live stream. 

Connects and Small gatherings will be adhering to the new ‘One person per 4m2’ rule. 

Thanks everyone!

Church – Online

See below options for live streaming our church services online. Be sure to follow the page, or subscribe to our Youtube channel to ensure you get the latest updates and information.


19th March Update

As you are aware this is a fast-changing situation and we haven’t been through a pandemic before, so let’s continue to be gracious, faith filled and unified. Please don’t forget that our response may need to change with further government announcements. 

What you need to know

For this Sunday 22nd March:

  • All campuses other than Wagga, Dubbo and Parkes will be holding Sunday services
  • Live stream options are available for anyone unwell, self-isolating or belonging to a campus that is not holding Sunday services
  • Please do not travel to a near-by campus as the government is calling for a cessation of all nonessential travel
  • Connect groups will continue, we will be ensuring our leaders are well prepared with regards to sanitisation and hand hygiene

Important Sanitisation and Care

  • We are asking all of our leadership to do a training course to help limit the spread of the virus
  • Our campus’s will have hand soap, paper towel and/or hand dryers and sanitiser available
  • We will have tissues and bins available
  • We will ensure all welcomers are aware of social distancing, while still creating a welcoming safe environment
  • You may find that the arrangement of our auditorium’s and seating will change to help with social distancing

We want to reiterate, if you are experiencing flu like symptoms, we ask you stay at home and away from church related activities – this request includes all staff, pastoral leadership, congregation members and guests. Likewise, for anyone feeling anxious, or for whom it is imperative due to work and family commitments that you remain well,  or you may have simply decided it is best for you and your family to remain home, please feel completely released to do so. We would encourage you to engage with one of our online options. 

18th March Update

At Generocity Church, we are committed to providing our church family and the wider communities, we are a part of, with care and support. Given the ever-changing situation surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to assure you that we are continually reviewing the current information provided by NSW Health and are taking action as a Church to respond accordingly. This includes providing you with regular information and updates on the current response plan in place in our Church.

At this stage we have a COVID-19 response team in place. This team will be advised by the current government and medical authorities’ information, which will inform decisions in terms of church services, connect groups, staff, this includes safety and the ongoing care and support of our church community during this time. The team meets weekly to review current NSW Health advice and plan appropriate action in response to the advice. It is important to note that the information being released from NSW Health is changing regularly as they respond to the pandemic, so future plans are likely to change to ensure actions are in alignment with the directions of NSW Health.

We have contingency plans in place for our Sunday services, connect groups and other staff commitments, this is also dependent on future government direction. New restrictions for public gatherings have been announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison this morning.

We will be carefully reviewing these restrictions and making an announcement regarding this Sundays services Tomorrow (Thursday 18th March). However, we can reassure you that Live Stream options will be available.

Advice from NSW Health is that during the pandemic, that we do not shake hands, hug or kiss as a greeting, plus try to maintain a distance of 1.5m from each other where possible and continue to practice good hand hygiene. We ask that you to adhere to this advice during your attendance at any Church activities.

If you are experiencing flu like symptoms, we ask you stay at home and away from church related activities – this request includes all staff, pastoral leadership, congregation members and guests. If you are unwell please notify someone in your church, so that you can be supported and cared for.

If you are experiencing heightened levels of anxiety due to the pandemic or for any other reasons please contact your Lead Pastor, Chaplain or trusted Health professional immediately.

During this pandemic we are strongly guided by Biblical principles as we walk in faith and wisdom required of us as Christians:

– We show love for our neighbours and the community by protecting and caring for the vulnerable in our community from the possible transmission of this virus

– We will move forward in faith, hope and responsibility and not fear

– As always, the correct response is love – especially in uncertain and worrying times

We strongly encourage you during this time to find ways to stay connected with each other and your community – this may primarily be through technology or an appropriate home visit..

Let’s continue to remind ourselves of the transforming truth in 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love and of a sound mind”.

The medical challenges COVID-19 presents has caused global pressure and strain unprecedented in our lifetime – now is the time that we as the church pray, we might see people turn to God and discover his forgiveness, love, peace and power in a real way. Let’s pray for opportunities to share the gospel, upholding those serving our nation on the front lines and those in government and let’s pray for one another.

Helpful Documents

See below some helpful documents to help us ensure the highest level of hygiene to assist in slowing down the spread of COVID19

Social Distancing
How to Hand Rub
Hand Washing