Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the possibilities GC Academy holds for you.

At GC Academy, we seek to provide our students with an educational experience that integrates faith, learning, life and ministry participation. We foster our students’ intellectual and spiritual development within the framework of a Christian worldview. We prepare and challenge our students to take an active role in shaping their community and their world.

The purpose of the Christian life is to make disciples and followers of Jesus Christ as He builds His Church – there is no greater vision than this! At GC Academy, we aim to empower and equip individuals so they may contribute to the incredible commission and opportunity the local church has to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in all the world.

Would you consider giving a year to God and joining with us at GC Academy?

Be blessed,
Ps Ben and Libby Staines
Senior Pastors – Generocity Church



At GC Academy, we pair biblical study with internships to provide great opportunities for hands-on ministry experience in a local church setting. All of this is strategically and pastorally coupled with personalised mentoring for each student. Why not ‘Give God a Year’ in study and practical application in 2019!


  • Complete a Cert 4 or Diploma
  • Attend weekly tutorials
  • Attend full Academy musters once a term
  • Be involved in a ministry team at your local GC campus (cross-campus ministry involvement is also available in certain ministry areas)
  • Receive mentoring by a GC Team Leader who is experienced in ministry, leadership and living their lives in God.
“Interning gave me many of the skills necessary for what I am now doing in a pastoral and leadership role at Generocity Church”
“Something amazing happens when we set aside time and space to not only learn the word, but implement it at the same time.”


  • Certificate 4 in Ministry (Full-Time Option Only)
    • 1x Intern Day/ 1x Classroom Day*
  • Diploma of Ministry (Full-Time Option)
    • 1x Intern Day/ 1x Classroom Day*
  • Diploma of Ministry (Part-Time Option)
    • 1/2day Intern Day/ 1/2day Classroom Day*

* All extra study and assessments to be completed at home. Support and assistance is available.

Other short courses & workshops will be announced in your local campus over the course of the year.


GC Academy Study

The courses offered by GC Academy are facilitated through a partnership between Generocity Church and Alphacrucis College. This partnership allows students to study and train in a regional setting.

Alphacrucis College, the official ministry college of the Australian Christian Churches movement, provides nationally accredited course content. Our students enjoy the benefits of flexible study arrangements, face-to-face learning environments, mentor relationships, private online forums and tutorials along with access to nationally accredited qualifications.


Elle McCutcheon
(Academy Director & Head of Interns)

As Academy Director Elle works closely with the GC Executive team to help create the culture and systems of GC Academy, looking to deliver learning experiences that build faith, knowledge and skills in the immediate while constantly looking to strengthen and grow GC Academy for the future.

In her role as head of interns Elle helps to provide fantastic opportunities for students to intern in many different ministry areas and locations throughout NSW. All the while, creating a supportive and caring community. Elle is the initial ‘go-to’ girl for all internship queries.

GC Academy David Taylor

David Taylor
(Head of Academics and Administration)

As Head of Academics David guides students through their learning process. He is their initial ‘go-to’ guy for academic queries.. He likes to help people engage with and expore various study topics, either in person or via our virtual classrooms. In his role as Head of Administration David is the go to guy for all administrative and enquiries including the process of enrolment.

Zech Sargent
(GC Academy Toolbox Manager)

Ps Zech oversees the development of the GC Academy Tool Box. This member only tool box provides GC Pastors, GC Leaders and GC Academy Students with access to a range of intentionally selected resources that build understanding and skill in theological thinking, hermeneutics and apologetics.


Yes, all courses offered by GC Academy are accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) as nationally recognised qualifications.

The diploma is Austudy approved. You will need to check with Centrelink to see if you meet the requirements. To apply for Austudy head to: http://www.humanservices.gov.au.

A full-time student should allow up to 35 hours a week for study and interning. Each theory unit requires approximately five hours of study each week with the additional hours allocated for internship activities.

Yes, VET FEE-HELP is available for the Diploma. VET FEE-HELP is a government loan to cover tuition fees.

Students are required to purchase textbooks for some subjects. There are also optional fees for various services. These include late fees, video sets, graduation dinner and service, cross-credit and RPL and additional copies for certificates. See the AC VET Student Handbook for more details. https://vet.moodle.ac.edu.au/moodle/course/view.php?id=2990

Yes, students wishing to apply for previous credit must provide a statement of attainment. For more information, please contact Elle McCutcheon at [email protected]


Students are required to pay Generocity Church for the unit fees at the beginning of each intake. A student enrolled in six units will pay for all units before the start of intake.
If a student is choosing to utilise VET FEE-HELP to assist with course payments, the appropriate forms must be completed as part of the Alphacrucis application process. Students must also notify GC Academy that they intend to utilise VET FEE-HELP as part of the GC Academy application process.

Students undertaking short vocational placement and internships are not entitled to be paid..

Students must attend the agreed number of hours each week. Attendance will be recorded at tutorials and internship placements. Failure to meet 80% of the attendance requirements could result in a ‘Not Yet Satisfied’ outcome for related assessment items.

Students who enroll with GC Academy will discuss options for a vocational placement with the Head of Internships. Our internship team works hard to ensure an appropriate placement is made to accomodate the students area of interest whenever possible. Factors influencing placement will include: skills, goals, location and availability of ministry mentors.



GC Academy Study

EMAIL: [email protected]

“My time as a GC Academy student has been brilliant. My knowledge of God and my relationship with Christ has grown to levels I didn’t know were possible. Great studies and a fantastic learning environment.”